NCBF 2021 - The impact of COVID 19 and our approach

When we say that getting to this point has been difficult...

In one week we will open the doors to Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2021. It’s fair to say that getting to this point has been challenging.

The effect that covid-19 has had on both the beer and events industry has been well-documented. But it’s fair to say that since our last event in June 2019 so many things have changed. 

We’d like to start out by thanking those of you that held on to your tickets for so long. It gave us the strength, motivation and confidence to stick with it and do our best to make it happen this year. 

We have worked closely with both Nottingham City Council and our health and safety company (Harrier UK, who we cannot recommend highly enough) on a detailed COVID Management plan. This has evolved constantly as Government requirements and guidance have changed. First and foremost we want everyone who works and attends the festival to be as safe as possible; that really is our priority over everything else and has been the key deciding factor in our plans. 

We originally planned to make last year’s festival bigger, with more space, more breweries, and higher capacity. As it transpired our hand was forced and this year we have something similar in scale to the last event in 2019. Along the way we've had numerous food vendors, breweries and suppliers drop out, or struggle to attend. This is the world we are operating in currently, and one we are now pretty much used to.


COVID Management

We are requesting that attendees and all staff provide a valid NHS ‘Domestic’ COVID pass on arrival to the site to help us manage the risk of COVID. Although not mandatory, we believe it's the best way to minimise the risk to everyone on site. 

Additionally we will be operating a clean glassware policy. All glasses must be exchanged for a clean one between drinks, ensuring any spread between glassware and bar setup is reduced greatly, whilst still allowing everyone to drink out of glass rather than disposable / reusable plastics.

Every vendor will have hand sanitiser available, as well as on entry and elsewhere on site. We will provide all brewery stalls with wipes, gloves and masks and have further increased the amount of toilet cubicles available (and will have them in multiple locations this year).

Our medical suppliers (Alfa Medical) are experienced with COVID patients and have procedures in place to triage anyone who presents symptoms or requires any other medical attention.

We will brief staff fully on our approach and provide a feedback system for them to raise any issues or concerns, but we also ask attendees to report any concerns to.

In short, we want everyone to have a great time, we've done everything reasonably possible to ensure the event can go ahead whilst minimising risk. We hope and request that all attendees give space to each other, maintain hygiene levels and respect everyone else on site. We have a zero tolerance approach to any abuse (of any type).

Please be excellent to each other. And party on.

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