NCBF21 Tickets now on sale

We've moved the festival to August 20 and 21 and are determined to make up for last years nightmare with a celebration of Craft Beer that can be enjoyed safely!

NCBF21 - Friday 20 and Saturday 21 August 2021

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It's been a rough ride.

We had huge plans for last years event on the back of a superb 2019 festival that ended up with us (as part of Nottingham Craft Beer Week) winning the Siba Award for Best Craft Beer Promotion (woohoo!). We intended to celebrate that last year, and improve and expand on what we have been doing. Instead we've kept our heads down and thought long and hard about the best way to proceed.

We're happy that come August we'll be able to run a safe and enjoyable event, so we've released tickets for sale again - currently with reduced volume available. As the dates get closer we will release more tickets if it feels safe to do so or if we are able to expand the site to give us more space. However we advise you buy tickets now as they are already selling (very!) quickly and we cannot be sure if capacity will be increased.

We're working hard on our line-up and have confirmed a fantastic selection of breweries already that we will be announcing over the coming weeks. 

Please bare with us whilst we work on the finer details and navigate the regulations and requirements that will no doubt become clearer going forwards. But rest assured that we're doing our best to make it a truely great event.


All from the NCBF team.

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