Nottingham Craft Beer Festival takes place each year in mid June and welcomes around 4000-5000 visitors over three sessions...

Nottingham Craft Beer Festival (NCBF) takes place in June each year at Sneinton Market Avenues, a large outdoor location in Nottingham City Centre.

Our 2024 festival will take place over three sessions on Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June (afternoon and evening sessions on the Saturday). Tickets are now on sale. 

NCBF was born off the back of Nottingham Craft Beer Week, a pub-led movement which ran from 2013-2022 and in 2020 won awards from SIBA for being the best craft beer promotion in the UK. Unfortunately due to funding cuts Nottingham Craft Beer Week was discontinued after 2022, but the festival continued. 

Want to get your beers or food at NCBF?

First off, it's probably too late for our 2024 event as we're at capacity. However, if you want to be considered for 2025 then get in touch with us via email on festival(AT)nottinghamcraftbeer.co.uk and introduce yourself. However, please bear in mind that each year we get many more requests from breweries and food stalls than we can accept. If we've not worked with you before we may ask you to send over some samples for us to taste. 

Want to work with us in some other way?

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available to the right companies and brands. Email festival(AT)nottinghamcraftbeer.co.uk for details.